About Us

We are a group of citizens committed to the social struggle for the sake of our people, we aim to create awareness of participation and involvement in the communities in Mexico and Latin America as well as internationally in order to intervene in the decisions of character sociopolitical and legal that affect our communities, by identifying negative behavior patterns and harmful products and businesses created from marketing, which account for the current economic global crises that have contributed to the poverty in the various societies of the world, also, want to help with the distribution and dissemination of information to achieve a balance of progress and development in the transformation of society of our times.


          WHAT WE SEEK
  • Identify different positive actions to encourage development of Mexican economy through search and impulse to build oil refineries in the country.
  • Fight against the possible privatization of Mexican oil, as well as defend various renewable natural resources and non-renewable that are national wealth.
  • Contribute efforts internationally with countries suffering similar problems like Mexico.
  • Strive constantly to prevent the abuse of power by the Mexican government.
  • Protect and enforce human rights provided by international rights organizations, to abate discrimination in all its manifestations.
  • Create better socio-economic conditions by matching and empathy regarding gaps and economic arguments that have undergone different cultures in poverty.
  • Enforce indigenous identity and force individual governments of the different parts of the world, to respect the land and traditions of different indigenous groups in Mexico and the world.
  • Always strive and force government to improve conditions of health, housing, education and employment of indigenous communities.



This space aims to be an alternative of education and intervention for the progress of different societies that face every day inequality, repression, political imposition, looting, lawlessness, media manipulation of television, the violation of human rights, poverty and marginalization for the sole purpose of individuals of different human generations to participate in the transformation of their culture, production fields, personal and social development for a collective growth.



Our work is the beginning of several stages that require the participation and constant amount of effort, given that we are millions of citizens dissatisfied with the direction being taken by the new international order and that is affecting the direction of Mexico, in tort of citizenship, we firmly believe that it must be incident to change reality, and also fight against disinformation and manipulation promoted by television and other media. We ask you to not be discouraged, do not give up, there is much work to be done and to start with this beautiful task of cooperation, we invite you to start working in the following positive and negative actions:


          Positive Actions
  • Identify the product and actions or pro-community business to counteract the damage caused by bad government policies and business of the town in where you live, start by:
  • Try to search in social networks people that agree with your way of thinking and want to work together to build a better world, to create a network that allows for faster dissemination of events and activities to be performed in and off the internet.
  • Identify each and every one of the actions in paragraph of negative actions and upload your results on this page also try to socialize your proposals of how to improve this fight and social participation. For example:
  • Identify the various elements that encourage both; commercial consumerist trends, as well as follow fashion, television and all negative behaviors that generate patterns for the development of people and post your results and as a suggestion; remember that beyond you can do in social networks, the most important thing is what you will accomplish changing behavior patterns within your family and your group of friends, start your task awareness, discussing the various issues at work, at home, etc.
  • Other positive aspects that you can consider are:
  • Make videos of citizen awareness and publish them on the internet.
  • Organize your community to create a community garden or on their own land if possible.
  • Organize activities with friends and family members.
         Negative actions
  • Identify the following actions that we consider in the category of harmful products and businesses. Such as:
  • Media you think manipulates and lies: television, newspapers, and blogs and radio programs.
  • Corporations that affect our communities: supermarkets, multinational companies, services, chains, etc.
  • Behavior patterns that affect our culture, health and intellect; watching TV, eating junk food, nutrition, drugs, etc.
  • Identify businesses that attempt against the environment and consequently our natural resources.
  • Identify business or institutions that promote the abuse of working people.
  • Identify products on the market that attempt against safety and / or the environment.


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